Technologies - Salecto

Technologies we use

In any successful IT project many different technologies is used. Below is a subset of technologies we prefer at Salecto.


We use Cloudflare to secure the reliability on all of our shops, and ensure that they can be reached blazingly fast from anywhere in the world.


Docker is used for developing next level shops across different work stations and to encapsulate both source code, dependencies and environment.


GitHub is the leading version control system and enables developers to work collaboratively around source code. Github is the place where developers meet and share their work.


Jenkins is the leading CI/CD tool used by many organisations around the world. Jenkins gives consistent and quick deployment flow to our shops.


Kubernetes orchestrates and manage containerized applications and gives high availability of our critical infrastructure in the cloud.


Laravel is the modern web application framework used for quickly jumpstarting any PHP project and offers advanced functionalities in order to solve professional projects.


Linux is known for its security and stability. In Salecto we use it for releasing the full potential for our workstations and give our developers the powerfull tools they need.


Composer is the modern approach to handle dependencies in PHP applications and is closely incorporated in Magento 2.

The difference between Salecto and Magento

Magento 2 is the world leading e-commerce system, and is known for its flexibility and scaleability. We make it accessable by adding our managed hosting, first class support and e-commerce guidance for giving our customers the best chance of succeeding in an evermore competitive marked.

We are hiring experienced developers

We are experiencing a rapid growth and are therefore always on the look for experienced and talented colleagues that will be a part of our journey. Our offices is always open for a cup of coffee/tea and a talk about the job opportunities at Salecto. Or you could reach out to us in our contact form.