Building the future of eCommerce


Our headquarters is located in Aarhus Denmark, where the Danish Team is focused on Business Development, Design and Customer support.


Our Indian Office is located in Ahmedabad, where the team focus on Web development, Quality Assurance and Data entries and much more.

We focus on your business

Focus on you

We love helping our customers find their strengths online. At Salecto we prepare you well, and if you have any doubts, we are happy to help you on the right track. If you wish to develop your business, we will guide you.

Focus on your sales

We are specialized in developing the best, most spectacular and most user-friendly webshops which all have one purpose: They must increase your sales. Regardless of your industry, you must have the best prerequisites for selling more - and this, you get with us.

Focus on experience

Our creative, innovative and competent team has many years of experience with e-commerce and with developing webshops. Our mission is to develop the most user-friendly webshops which will ensure success for our customer.

Our values

We inspire

For us, enthusiasm and passion are fundamental. Not only do we have to deliver the best solutions for our customers, we also need to have a work life where we are passionate about what we do and where we have a good time with each other.

We take responibility

Our experience is that the greatest development happens when it is possible to gain responsibility and have influence on the things that truly matters. At Salecto you determine your own influence because it is possible if you are ambitious and if you actively seek it.

We take the lead

Our development must pave the way for us, and therefore we must dare to fail because it is the prerequisite for becoming better. In Salecto we are not afraid of mistakes - we need them!

We create trust

We may never compromise with transparency, not as a company or as a person, because it is the very prerequisite for being able to create that trust and those relations to each other and to our customers which is so fundamental.