CSR - Salecto

We support equality between genders in Salecto

We wish to stop discrimination and reduce the inequality between genders, and therefore we dedicate a large amount of focus on it. We believe that every person should be treated the same regardless of gender. This is visible by the fact that we wish to have an equal distribution of men and women in the head of the department. Out of our three current department leaders two are women.

Each month we support the local community

Besides supporting our employees directly, we at Salecto wish to make a difference for the local community in the town Ahmedabad. We will do so by providing support for certain selected organizations which will help communities, who cannot do so solitarily. Each month Indian employees will select a single organization or multiple organizations that lack support in forms of financial subsidy, consumer products, medication and/or payment of hospital bills.

We are focussing on talent and devotion, not politics

India is a country that is influenced by a hierarchical structure and a caste system, which in certain events may be a challenge for some parts of the population. To Salecto it is a flagship case to reduce the inequality amongst our employees. This is why we make sure to create even ground for all of our employees, so every employee can ask questions and be heard.

Every year we donate to the local orphanage

Each month we support a local orphanage. The fixed amount, that we donate, is calculated and based on the number of employees in our Indian office. Thus we at Salecto commits and ensures a correlation between our internal growth and the amount of support we provide, since the donation increases by the number of employees.